What do husband and wife want in marriage?

To become perfect husband and wife is not difficult.

It is necessary to learn to understand and, as far as possible, to try to satisfy certain needs and desires of each other.

After all, men and women are different.

Needs of his beloved wife:

Tenderness. Of course, everyone shows feelings in their own way… The husband Trembles and kisses his beloved, almost at every opportunity. With tenderness cares about her, says affectionate words, gives flowers and gifts. He is always ready to be her loyal knight. Exactly how and what we give depends on what we end up getting.

Talking to the soul. The husband likes to talk to his wife about feelings. Listens with interest to her impressions of various events. All these conversations talk about his desire to understand her.

Romance. It's important for a woman. Sometimes you have to drop your business and pay attention to it. Have a romantic dinner, take her to a restaurant. If the wife tries to diversify the family life, invents different romantic games, writes notes for the beloved, then the husband should go to the meeting and play.

Sincerity and openness. Does not hide from her what he weighs, says what he thinks. Trusts and shares plans, talks about what happened frankly, because realizes that he must be understood by her. Wants his wife to rely on him, to feel the protection in his face. Man-a man of the case, do not forget also that the man painted actions.

Financial support. The husband cares about accommodation, food, clothes and leisure of the family. If his income is not sufficient, he tries to find ways to increase income by acquiring additional education or finding one more job. Discusses with his wife how to reduce costs if there is such a need to achieve greater stability in the future.

Devotion to the family. Family in his plans in the first place. He devotes his time and forces to educating children, plays a lot with them, reads them books, goes for the city

Needs of a beloved husband:

Sexual desires. The wife strives to be the ideal sexual partner for her husband, they jointly develop their intimate relationship, in order to receive together the satisfaction of communicating in the bedroom. Vacation Companion. Strive to know what her husband is interested in and tries to understand it, developing common interests. If he gets pleasure from this activity, he joins her husband. The delicate question of how the day passed or a cute SMS can lift a man's mood.

An attractive companion of life. She's watching her appearance, her figure. Strive to be charming and attractive, because he wants him to be proud of it. Gives a loved one a sense of importance, that it is difficult to cope with anything without it. Creating a home comfort. Creates in the family atmosphere of peace, comfort of home and tranquility. Admiration for his achievements. Often, but unobtrusively (men so do not like pressure) reminds her husband of his not stalwart abilities, admires even his small achievements, and also helps him to gain and maintain self-confidence. In moderation praises and sincerely proud of him.

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