What does a woman need?

Gold does not happen much.

It glitters, shimmers and looks absolutely fabulous. So what prevents you from choosing some shiny accessories? Forget about the fact that more recently the golden colors were an exceptional attribute of the Chinese-Turkish light industry. Gold shoes, handbags, wallets and accessories from the new spring collections look expensive and exquisite. Just consider: first, gold should not be too much, so the gold sandals are suitable linen trousers or dresses, or even jeans classic shades. and secondly, the favorite shade of "blondes in the Law", that is, pink, besides trendy this season, with gold combined poorly and looks banal. So choose. Or OR.

A woman who can do everything.

Especially when she smiles at the Spring sun. Cheeky. capriciously. And very feminine. In the new collection of makeup from Nina Ricci "ribbons of beauty" mood just like that. This spring we remember the fashion trends of the 50-60-ies. And along with the wide skirts from Prada and Dolce Gabanna and cozy cardigans from Miu-Miu in the spring form there are playful pastel colors from Nina Ricci: A lively complexion, glittering satin lips and shining nails. Oh, yes, and big eyes, in which undying light…

Chest, which is at an altitude.

To the breast is not tempted to follow the force of gravity, Dior offers a novelty Bikini Top-an essence for the elasticity of the bust. Manufacturers promise that the complex T.O.P. Process on the basis of extract of algae and fern improves the synthesis of collagen and strengthens the structure of cells. As a result, the breasts become more elastic, the skin is smoothed, and the composition of essential oils of grapefruit, ylang-ylang, jasmine, musk and basil refreshes and tones the skin. Besides, it is doubly pleasant to apply fragrant essence.

Botox effect without injections?

It's possible. With new preparations of the Botocare series developed in the Holy Land Cosmetics laboratory. As a result, the existing wrinkles smoothed, and new for a long time do not appear. In short, everything is the same as after Botox, only better. The effect is achieved by non-toxic miorelaksanta, similar in its action with Botulinom a (Botox). And what is most pleasant, preparations of series Botocare are applied superficially, instead of intramuscularly, and rich vitaminized composition of whey and cream reliably protects and cares for your skin. Nice and helpful.

Spring is a time of love?

You know exactly what to do in the evening to beat him outright, enchant, seduce, Captivate and conquer. And in the morning? Especially if it's his, not your common matrimonial bedroom. It means that there are not so many improvised means.

In the evening: preparatory measures:

1. Add a few drops of essential oil to the bath, such as ylang-ylang or Rose. The oil penetrates deep into the pores and keeps the fragrance longer than any perfume.

2. If you are planning a romantic dinner before bedtime, great. Only after you drink a cup of green tea, necessarily good. Works just like "Rondo", only better and until the morning.

3. Complicated styling before the date? Waste of time. A head that will look disgusting in the morning. But even if you did not resist and your hairdresser tried, before bedtime to get rid of his creation and just comb hair, then in the morning will look pretty decent.

Morning: Express-Beauty (available even from him)

1. In principle, you can use his cosmetics "before and after shaving." Just do not abuse it-after all, our skin is much more delicate and sensitive. Gel or shaving mousse will be suitable to wash, and gel or lotion after shaving to moisturize the skin, for example, from Clarins.

2. And here is what the makeup artists advise: Take two halves of lemon and rub the face. The result is an instant blush and even a lifting effect. The same effect if you wash a piece of ice. You, as always, irresistible, and he seems to have already cooked coffee…

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