How to get married successfully?

Is it possible to marry successfully and to save marriage for many years?

Oh, what a sharp theme! And how many around sovetchic! But it is very simple – your chosen must understand that if there is a half of it in the world, it is you. When he understands it, he will ask you to marry him. You just need to help him in this case:-)

How to marry successfully

Let's go in order. First, you may be surprised, but most normal men want to have a family and children. Male instinct for the continuation of the genus is no less powerful than female. Of course, in the details of this instinct, women and men may differ very strongly, but in general, the situation is exactly the same – I repeat, the men want to have a strong family, beloved wife and children! This is a fact.

Marriage and family Creation

And then there are problematic situations, which are mostly not natural-instinctive, but quite specific, socially determined phenomena.

Nowadays, men are particularly susceptible to various phobias and are often unsure of themselves because of certain material or social problems.
Many people inspire themselves-"The main career, here to earn on the apartment and I will think about marriage and children." Well, that's right, you say! It seems to be yes, but this period can be so long, the fleet of relationships and the availability of sex can become a habit, the desire to create a family and be responsible for it can disappear!

And if you have met a man who has already firmly entered the phase of the "Eternal Bachelor", I advise 100 times to think before trying to turn it into my husband. For one simple reason – such a man, even if he wants to take you as a wife, will never be able to "get off the needle of treason."

You will be for him only "main" but not the only woman, and his so-called "freedom" he will try to protect at any cost, even at the cost of your marriage.

Cheating husband

Cheating husband

Here and it is necessary to notice, that to do searches of «husband» as some hunting, in my opinion, is not very correct. A marriage based on anything, only dislove and mutual respect will always be torture. Yes, unfortunately, long strong love-this is a rarity, but the proverb "Accept-Sljubitsja" in our time is also not an option, at least because of the time to catch "Sterpetsja" is not enough catastrophically!

So look for your head, and here is the decision to take heart!

Since, the process of finding a husband, although very creative and individual, but some common approach and a number of practical techniques to allocate all the same can. After all, on the hunt to go out still better prepared and well armed!

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