How to improve your relationship with your husband

It is no secret that over time the relationship with the loved ones change their character. Unfortunately, love and passion grow into more moderate feelings, such as spiritual intimacy, a sense of duty and fidelity, a habit of supporting each other in difficulties, appreciation for the proven happiness.

In other words, we simply accustomed to each other, as, for example, to the closet which faithfully serves us for the seventh year or the cat, which every evening falls at the feet and gently purring. Over time, we begin to perceive each other as a tribute, cease to make surprises and try to bring joy. From this, our relationship becomes grey and dull. But the clouds can always be dispersed and make a step towards the sun!

How to improve your relationship with your husband

There is an excellent effective method that will help you to turn your relations in the right direction-in a word this method is called "novelty". Make it into your dull life and it will get a different hue.

If before you were not avid travelers, it is not too late to go to old friends or relatives and together to remember the events of your wedding or acquaintance and friendship. Such memories evoke truly pleasant and tender feelings.

Glimpse to cultural life, buy tickets to the theater, go to museums.

Embark on a hike: backpacks, tents, evening gatherings at the campfire – romance! Obnimalochki, kisses… (Only one but – take care of nature, your mother)

This is, without a doubt, good and useful, but it is necessary to focus on the relationship itself. Novelty should also be present in this area.

Try to change the habits of the new. This can be done either alone or together with a partner if it is ready for change. If not, change yourself, the partner is still not even noticing that will change. He's got to keep for you.

Communicate with each other. Starting with the questions "How was the day?" and ending with the discussion about your relationship. You don't care what your partner thinks about your love. The more often you talk, the less problems and misunderstandings will arise. Never be afraid to beg forgiveness from your spouse if you understand that you are wrong. It counted you a plus.

It's great if you plan on free time together. To rest alone means to drift from each other.

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