Male psychology or how to marry your boyfriend.

With the help of this article you will learn a lot about the most effective tricks to help you "marry" Your Man. In addition, you will be introduced to most subtle places in these ways.

Usually, many ladies, from the very beginning make a very stupid blunder in their relationship with a man. They always try to be unpleasant questions such as: How To make me marry my beloved? How do you make him legitimize our relationship? All you have to do is make a change in your smart head! You need to put the question so that no longer you! And your favorite asked such questions like: How to persuade her to marry me? How do you make her agree to marry me? That's it! Practice proved that it is excellent!

Unfortunately, what gets easily is usually not valued! Much more profitable if your boyfriend thinks that he himself, doin to get a wife. With these layouts you will get much more warm feelings and attention in the family! You will be freed from attacks like: pest, you forced cunning to marry! AAAAA, Evil Dirty Woman, you tricked the innocent me into your nets! Eh, nasty you, tramped I'm in the direction of the sunset. If you intrigued what is written in this article, read this material further.

The first method is passive.

In order for this method to work, you will need to change yourself! I will not give you banal instructions on a type, do everything so that the man was high, and on itself to hammer. No way! On the contrary, you need to become more svobodomysljashhej, cunning, mysterious and even more narcissistic! Try to be only yourself! It is not necessary to act "as all", it hardly will give you the desired results. In case you are comfortable, it is beautiful! Throw away all the thought of degrading your dignity, love first of all yourself and then, your man is tightly prizadumaetsjaed! This method gives a woman spiritual and not only spiritual comfort, Strong will, furious attention of the beloved and other charms of life! However, in case your man is a selfish byaka, thinking only of himself, he can leave you. However, in this situation it is not necessary to be upset! After all, there is a sea of understanding men who can appreciate your soul on its merit! Speaking of birds, I would advise you to rate an online psychological test which is able to answer the question of who am I going to marry?

The second method is active.

The method described in this part of the article is useful for those women who live apart with their boyfriend. Tears complain your man, that at your home is planned to cap repair (broke through the sewers, you are occupied by rats) and you will live a week in his house. Marinated herring It is clear that the guy will not be able to deny you help. You need during this time to make your boyfriend realize that to exist without you in a dirty apartment, with a hungry belly and not oblaskannym body, simply not comfortable! We'll have to try. Every day wash up to the mirror shine of his contaminated, bachelor living. For supper its delicious suppers, them, by the way, it is quite real to ask to make your girlfriend, and light heads such food at all order directly to home in restaurant. Wear the most exciting underwear to drool, and in bed, behave like a rabid nymphomaniac with dead complexes!

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